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Roger’s Vision



Initiate a forum for sharing with others life building trades, confidence and inspiration to invigorate another generation of Callaway students, young adults/entrepreneurs.


To build lasting community relationships by bringing together Callaway citizens as we enter an era of new opportunities.


Share his broad spectrum of contacts and experiences with new and existing entrepreneurs in order to build and attract a new generation of business leaders.



Work with farmers and cattlemen throughout the county to integrate new ideas and technologies to enhance productivity of the family farm. Explore and expand opportunities that spur economic growth.


One of our greatest untapped resources is our own people. I look forward to working with other commissioners and economic development entities to network opportunities for our Callaway entrepreneurs.


County wide effort to develop a mentoring program. Network with current and retired carpenters, welders, brick layers, concrete finishers, to work with our young people to learn basic employable skills.

2nd Amendment Supporter

Roger is an active member of Ducks Unlimited. A strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment, and the individual right to private gun ownership.


Owner of Spectrum 2000, mining and mineral process consultant, and owner of storage and rental complexes in Callaway County.

4th Generation Callaway County Native

Active member of Central Christian Church & attends St. Peters with wife, as well as a member of Callaway Cattleman’s Association & Chamber of Commerce.

Family Man

Married for 32 years, father of two sons, and grandfather of three.

Help Support the Campaign

Any amount of donations to the committee to elect Roger Fischer for Callaway County Western District Commissioner are greatly appreciated. These will aid toward helping our marketing, media, and networking events.

Roger and Janet Fischer

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