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Who is Roger Fischer?

A life-long resident of Callaway County, Roger’s family has resided here for 4 generations.  He was born in 1959 at the Fulton Memorial Hospital to Nancy and Willis Fischer and married a high school classmate, Janet Cassmeyer in 1983.

Roger has two sons, Brice and Adam, both whom reside in Callaway County.  He enjoys three grandchildren; Evie, Grayson, and Hollis Marie born in May 2016.

Roger has over 30 years of business experience in and outside of Missouri.

As Roger Sees It

As Roger Sees It

“If given the honor to serve as your Western District Commissioner, I will be able to share the knowledge and resources I have gained from a lifetime of experiences in business and industry throughout Missouri.”

“I feel this network of contacts will be vital to the growth and betterment of Callaway County.  I would like to share these experiences with one of our greatest untapped resources – our own people.”

“As a direct descendant of a Callaway County farmer, helping at the farm, and a vested owner of businesses in this county, I am committed to our community and the prosperous preservation of small town life.”

Common sense solutions

Children, Commerce & Community


Roger Fischer

“As Commissioner, I will value each of your suggestions to better our community for our children & commerce in order for our County to excel. I am excited about the opportunity to combine our efforts in making Callaway County a great place to live, work & play.”


Elect Roger Fischer for Callaway County Western District Commissioner

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